Driver Training: Juba Transport has well drivers to pilot the fleet. Our drivers under go personal safetly training and handling training.
Personal Safety Training: All our drivers undergo first-aid training and fire. This includes fire drills, emergency response procedures which outline specific actions to take depending on the nature of the emergency:

Vehicle Handling Training: vehicle handling training encompasses a compulsory defensive driving and dangerous goods handling driver techniques.


Fire drills are of paramount importance due Upon completion of the training our drivers to the nature of our business, these are are certified to handle fuel and acid takers. carried out on a regular basis in order for all drivers to be conversant with the basics Of firefighting.

Other Training Includes:

  • Walk-around: Drivers perform a 360 degrees walk-around the vehicle to check for unforeseen obstructions prior to entering the vehicle.
  • Use of correct Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Personal health/ task alignment: Pre-existing health condition understood & adapted as appropriate; allergic tendencies understood; driver rested & not distracted,
  • Condition Of tools & equipment; Driver is aware Of routine vehicle maintenance; brake tests, Steering lubrication, cooling system belts hoses, spare tire, flashlight/emergency lights, battery jumper cables. Drivers are familiar With instructions, & safety precautions.