Event Summary

Road construction works along Mazabuka road:

  1. Road construction: between Munali Hills and Chikankata Turn Off
  2. Detour: from Dallas Ranch to Chikankata Turn Off (see map below)

Discussion Points /Key Learnings

What are the potential hazards/risks on this road stretch:

 Road is narrow as the road shoulders have been used to place signage and barricading tape/cones/mesh

  • Road has steep edges as the excavation works have been done alongside the tared road
  • Broken down vehicles
  • Vehicles overtaking due to slow moving traffic
  • Construction workers
  • Construction machinery & mobile equipment
  • Detour road becomes slippery when wet

What controls & Mitigations can I put in place:

 Adapt my speed to suit the road condition & traffic situation (construction works)

  • Share the road and hang back were necessary
  • Drive with parking lights ON for visibility
  • Follow traffic signals given by the appointed traffic personnel/controllers
  • Plan my journey to accommodate the delays due road works to manage time