Juba Transport Limited. Plot # 12755 Off Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia


We ensure that customer complaints are handled in a professional, consistent and efficient way.  The Management Representative is responsible for recording customer complaints and then forwarding   the complaints to the relevant Department Heads.
The Department Head is responsible for:

  • Assessing, recording, monitoring and tracking complaints concerning their area of responsibility using the complaints management system;
  • Investigating, determining and assigning the investigation to employees under his/her control;
  • Keeping complainants informed of the progress of complaints;
  • Ensuring that complaints are resolved within specified timeframes;
  • Providing written notification of outcomes to complainants, including the reason/s for those outcomes.
    We take competition seriously. We value the need of our clients. We pledge to take long strides when it comes to customer satisfaction. Over the years, Juba Transport Limited has successfully served its clients and as a result has maintained a steady increase of fleet of trucks.

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  Our fleet is kept on the road by our well trained and well equipped maintenance department. trucks that com into the premises are subjected to routine inspections in order to check for any defects. This is done in our inspections point. Following this inspection, the vehicles are then parked in the designated area awaiting repairs. We have service bays designed for specific repairs, where the trucks are parked. The repair works include routine vehicle service, panel beating, part replacement etc.

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We Carry out periodic safety briefing with our drivers. This enables us to communicate any new developments in International Safety Standards. The drivers also inform management on any safety concerns which may arise.

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Juba Transport Limited has Over the years, developed and increased its fleet successfully. This has been due to our excellent management drive for Success and Constant Delivery of superior services. With this rate of growth, Juba Transport limited is steadily approaching its vision, steadily completing its mission and steadily achieving its goal.

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Driver Training: Juba Transport has well drivers to pilot the fleet. Our drivers under go personal safetly training and handling training.
Personal Safety Training: All our drivers undergo first-aid training and fire. This includes fire drills, emergency response procedures which outline specific actions to take depending on the nature of the emergency:

Vehicle Handling Training: vehicle handling training encompasses a compulsory defensive driving and dangerous goods handling driver techniques.

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Juba Transport Limited is involved in programmes that assist the local communities. This includes provision of mealie lead to orphanages in Kanyama (Lusaka) and Cheshire homes.

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Juba Transport Limited is a private Limited company incorporated under the company’s Act No. 288 of the laws of Zambia on 17th July 1989. Juba Transport Limited has its Headquarters in Lusaka and a Branch in Ndola-Zambia. Juba Transport Limited is in the Business of transporting Fuel, Acid, Dry Cargo and Explosives within and outside Zambia. Juba Transport Limited is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified by SGS South Africa. Over the past 22 years the company has moved from strength to strength and the Company is now the largest Fuel Transporter in the Country. In all aspects of our Business Juba Transport Limited is committed to achieving an injury-free work place, promoting a health workplace and mitigating significant health risks, operating/driving under incident free conditions and maximizing the efficient use of resources and assets

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